I am a 3D freelancer based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and specialise in
3D animation and compositing for TV commercials, industrial films and image films.
I also do quite a bit of programming, mostly plugins and scripts for 3ds Max, as well as standard 2D work with Photoshop.

I have been freelancing since 1996, and have a lot of experience in all aspects of the productive process,
ranging from animation and graphics for web applications up to full 1080p HD (and higher) video production.

You can find a more detailed profile here

Before I started working professionally as a 3D artist, I was a sign writer and poster writer. This is now pretty much a dead profession, but in the 80’s I did a huge amount of work for all of the concerts and shows that played at both Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena. At the time, the Wembley Stadium poster site was the largest in the UK, measuring 70 feet wide and 12 feet high (21.4 metres by 3.65 metres). I’ll be adding a gallery for some of the old signs and posters soon.