Personal Details

Name: David Baker
Nationality: British
Languages: English, German

Work Experience

1984 – 1991: Signwriter / posterwriter, Phelps Publicity, Wembley, UK
1991 – 1996: Video editor / 3D artist, Image, Düsseldorf, Germany
1996 to date: Freelance 3D artist


3D: Autodesk 3ds Max
Rendering: mental ray / V-Ray
Compositing: Adobe After Effects
2D: Adobe Photoshop
Multimedia: Macromedia Director
Programming: MAXScript


3D: Just about everything except character animation and low-poly stuff for games. I’ve also done a fair bit of teaching for Max.
Rendering: I do just about all of my work with mental ray and V-Ray, and have also done some shader programming for mental ray.
Compositing: Almost everything I do gets sent through After Effects or Nuke. I’ve been using After Effects for a long time and I am very proficient. I have basic knowledge of Nuke.
2D: Photoshop is an important tool in my toolkit, I’ve gathered a lot of experience having used it since version 2.5.1
Multimedia: I’ve programmed a large number of applications for teaching purposes, and have also taught Lingo.
Programming: I’ve worked with MAXScript, Lingo, the 3ds Max SDK, and also do a lot of SQL database stuff for my site MAX However the majority of my programming work is developing pipeline tools for various companies using MAXScript.